Monday, June 28, 2010

Turtle Madness!

My son's turtle party has come and gone! Wow, I got so many sweet and positive comments on the party's decor! They warmed my heart and made me feel like, hey, I accomplished something!

However, please allow me to vent some of my frustrations with the event, since my vision for the party was not fully realized. The combo of 3 kids age 5 and under who go to bed way too late, lack of time and energy, and the fact that the party was at a venue other than home which only allowed a prep time of 1 hour, made me just have to throw it all together. I had planned to pack all the stuff in an organized manner to have the tables set just right. But no, I just threw it all in the cars.

Plus this was the first time I actually prepared some food for a party. I made 24 cupcakes, some cookies, a (turtle) shell pasta with white sauce and seasoned tomatoes, and chocolate covered cookies and cream cheese balls! It took a lot more time than I knew it would especially considering I had 3 little kids underfoot!

And there was lots of stuff I left at home on purpose, realizing at the last minute it was all too much, too heavy for my family to have to carry in such as 4 heavy white platters, 2 cake stands, the turtle children's books, and a few other things. I also forgot to use the adorable turtle cupcake wrappers that I bought from Etsy! I could put one in his scrapbook, maybe another in a frame, but what about the other 10? Too bad I had "Happy 1st Birthday," instead of just "Happy Birthday," in which case they could be used again. Maybe I could use them as part of the Thank You cards? We'll see.

And then there were the 6 table clothes I bought which were too small (I had planned to open the packages beforehand, but didn't) so my husband went to 2 different stores to find the right ones. And then there was the table skirt that went unused, and the 3 flag banners I made, and the several food labels that I had no time to place! And then the lady who monitors the hall told us we could not put up any of our balloons if we wanted the ceiling fans on which we did since it is summer! That's a new rule since I've used that hall several times before and we were able to use our balloons!

Despite all my complaints, I know it was still a success thankfully! One of my favorite parts of the day was visiting with a couple of my long-time friends after many years! A wealth of friendship given to us and love in every curled ribbon given right back!

P.S. Instead of the sea-turtle printed shirt I bought from Gymboree, my son wore this oh so adorable shirt from Macy's, click here. I think I bought at least four different turtle outfits before I found this perfect one! And what a deal for just $7.00 plus tax and shipping. Love it!

More pictures coming soon...

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