Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cookies 'n Cream Cheese Recipe

Here's the recipe I followed for the Chocolate Cookie Cream Cheese Balls, click HERE. I used Dollar Tree cookies so my measurements were a bit off since they came in 13 oz. packages instead of the 8 oz. Oreo packages. This must have been the reason I had to keep adding cream cheese to make the cookie crumbs stick together. Also, I couldn't get the cream cheese to mix well with the cookies in the first place, so I just used my hands (cleaned and GERM-Xed, of course!!) instead of the hand mixer. Not sure how other people do it. Still, they turned out YUMMY Yum Yum. I'm sure I'll make them again, this time with a bit more time on my hands! In this picture here, you can see that I dumped a small bag of Cherry Sour Candy to add some color (and also because it was the only place I could find to put the candy since I was running around like a madwoman that day ;-)

Oh, how it irks me that the tag on the tray is visible! Meant to remove it of course...

I also whipped up a pasta dish made with "turtle shells," mixed with a bit of white Alfredo sauce and seasoned tomatoes.

And although there is no picture available, I also made "cotton candy cones," which were simply cotton candy stuffed inside both waffle and cake cones. It was like sweet ice cream without the mess!

And we also had chocolate TURTLES, a wrapped piece of chocolate with nuts and caramel. Yummy.


button said...

What sweet turtles! I love them all. Thank you for including mine in this precious blog.
:o) button

Wendy said...

This all turned out so very cute! I love to theme all of our parties, and this one is so adorable! And your little one is so sweet!!! I don't usually get to see the kids that I'm designing for, so this was a treat! Hope he had a fabulous party!


Scarf Ace said...

Thank you button and Wendy! Your special creations made my son's birthday even more wonderful !! Thanks for your sweet comments :-)