Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Shower: Pretty Penguins!

My cousin gave her sister-in-law the cutest baby shower! I love the penguin theme and the savory colors, don't you?!

So sweet!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A to Zebra Celebrations!


I really want to thank Nancy at A to Zebra Celebrations for taking the time and being kind enough to feature pictures from my son's 1st birthday Turtle Party on her blog today! I'm honored that a professional like her would do that. It really inspires me to want to party on!!! Can't wait until winter for my daughters' next parties. Until then, click here to go to Entertain Exchange and find out how to win a $40 gift certificate for use at Nancy's adorable Etsy shop--I just did!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Darling Details!

Can't have a turtle party without a totally turtle cake!
(I didn't really like the idea of a turtle-shaped cake, so went with this).
Chewy cherry sours (and candy coated peanuts to the left).
Kids enjoying the candy table!
Kids testing out the spinning pinwheel cupcake toppers! (Eat at your own risk! Ha!)
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More Details from the Turtle Party...

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Whimsy Party!

My awesome friend, Amber, gave her 4 year old daughter a "Whimsy Party," something very unique and memorable for the guests as well as her daughter, I'm sure. The invitation asked the guests to bring something to hang on a whimsy tree instead of traditional birthday gifts; the invite also included a definition of whimsical (to give the guests a nudge in the right direction): 1. spontaneously fanciful or playful 2. given to whims; capricious 3. quaint, unusual, or fantastic.
So we brought a couple of shiny beaded necklaces and a couple of silver bookmarks shaped into the words "Dream" and "Awesome." The bookmarks came with small little chains that made them perfect for hanging on a tree limb. Other guests brought items such as ribbons, ornaments, and even feathers, and all the children got a chance to hang items onto the tree along with the birthday girl. What a fantastic way to celebrate!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ooh La La!

I found this adorable french poodle motif dress size 2T at a small shop at my local mall (the name of the store escapes me at the moment), but the tag on the dress says Rare Editions. I thought to myself, who can I buy this for? I was happy to remember that my cousin's daughter's first birthday is coming soon and figured size 2T was a safe fit for later anyhow. I knew I wanted a birthday card to match--so I went straight to Etsy of course! I found the perfect poodle card at Amy's shop, Scrap Your Story. And she was kind enough to make me a custom, "Happy 1st Birthday" card. And the price was very reasonable! Can't wait to ship this lovely gift off in the mail, and double can't wait to find out if the birthday girl likes it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Buy!

My cousin registered for her baby at buybuybaby.com. I bought her a bath gift set and since most of her items were already purchased, I browsed the site to find a keepsake for her. I found these adorable Garden Friends trinkets, one is a bank, one is for baby's first curl, and one is for baby's first tooth. And of course, the turtle is my favorite, which worked out perfect since she is having a boy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

HABA Rolling Wooden Turtles

These adorable turtles were part of the inspiration for the turtle party's colors of red, blue, and yellow. I just love these wooden toys, and they will be a treasured keepsake for my son. You can purchase them here.