Monday, May 31, 2010

It's a Wrap!

When I get the chance, I prefer wrapping gifts in boxes instead of putting them in gift bags. And I've started taping the birthday card face up on the box, why hide it in the envelope when it's so darn cute ?! If I know the theme of the party, I usually try to find cards and wrap in the theme--but I'm short on time with 3 kids under foot, so I go with what I can find and what I got so it's not always matchy match, but hopefully I'll collect enough paper to find a match eventually...

And I prefer tying a bow using ribbon, but I've got to get rid of all these pre-made bows from the time I bought one bag, filled with a bazillion...And some are not so bad, with muted colors and patterns.

When I found out one of the party birthday girls was having a Hannah Montana theme, I was glad to find this Hannah Montana hat box, which we filled with girly gifts!

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