Thursday, May 27, 2010

Butterfly Garden

For their 4th and 5th birthdays, we held a butterfly garden party. The pictures speak for themselves in terms of the details (some well-thought-out, others just last minute). I did not get to take pictures of everything though. We had pink favor bags with printed butterflies, inside were a butterfly shaped frame, framed butterfly picture, candy necklaces, wooden shaped butterflies that the girls painted upon which I wrote the guests names. There were also some decorations I forgot to take pictures of such as purple felt butterflies that my daughters decorated with paint and adhesive felt insect shapes and cute cut outs of butterflies on the back windows and wall. There were also a few wind socks with phrases such as "Welcome to my Garden," and "Welcome Friends." And of course, a sun-shaped pinata to shine a light on it all. I also bought petal headbands for all the girls to wear, but none of them wanted one! So as you see in the picture, I wore one for myself...

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