Friday, July 9, 2010

Ooh La La!

I found this adorable french poodle motif dress size 2T at a small shop at my local mall (the name of the store escapes me at the moment), but the tag on the dress says Rare Editions. I thought to myself, who can I buy this for? I was happy to remember that my cousin's daughter's first birthday is coming soon and figured size 2T was a safe fit for later anyhow. I knew I wanted a birthday card to match--so I went straight to Etsy of course! I found the perfect poodle card at Amy's shop, Scrap Your Story. And she was kind enough to make me a custom, "Happy 1st Birthday" card. And the price was very reasonable! Can't wait to ship this lovely gift off in the mail, and double can't wait to find out if the birthday girl likes it!


Amy said...

I love your blog!! I am definitely following. Thank you so much for including the Pink Poodle Card:)

Scarf Ace said...

Thank you Amy!

sara said...

this is adorable......and i have a feeling your cousin's daughter will look fantastic in it!!!! the card is so cute.